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Nutritional Counseling Near Missoula, MT

The Montana Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine clinic is privately owned and is based in Missoula Montana. The Montana Acupuncture Clinic has grown to have locations across three states, MT, TX, and ID. Founded by Douglas K. Womack, after he studied at Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hangzhou China. Montana Acupuncture Clinic has grown to include cupping therapy, biomeridian testing, facial rejuvenation, and acupuncture. The winner of both in 2011 and 2012, Douglas K. Womack was recognized by the Missoula and Missoula’s weekly as the best of Missoula’s businesses. 

The Montana Acupuncture clinic’s biomeridian solution is a detailed scientific-based procedure that assesses the patient’s organ functionality and its overall nutritional needs. The patient undergoes nutritional counseling with a nutrition specialist to formulate a patient-specific treatment plan.


What is a nutrition counselor?

A nutrition counselor is a medical professional that formulates an effective care plan to improve the patient’s nutritional health. Part of the treatment plan is a follow-up visit with the nutrition specialist after about five days, and then another six weeks follow up to undergo more nutritional counseling and to assess progress. 

The acupuncture clinic’s cupping therapy solutions are derived from another form of ancient medicine. This procedure involves placing cups on the patient’s skin to create a small vacuum that creates a suction on the desired areas. The cupping solution is ideal for inflammatory issues related to pain, reduced blood flow and is suitable for overall health, relaxation. Cupping is excellent for relaxation because it targets the deep-tissues. 

The facial rejuvenation solution, like the other solutions offered, is personalized to fit the specific needs of each of our unique patients. Focusing on double chin treatments, frown lines, facial wrinkles, lose and sagging skin in the neck area. Also included as part of the facial rejuvenation process is the assessment of poor digestion, menopause, and gynecological imbalances. 

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