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Pulmonologist in Missoula

You will enjoy becoming acquainted with Montana Acupuncture Clinic because this is a quality and privately owned medical acupuncture clinic. When you walk through the doors, you will be welcomed by a team of qualified professionals who have earned an outstanding reputation within the Chinese Herbal Medicine field. You will be a top priority when you choose to receive chiropractic care at the Montana Acupuncture Clinic. 

The Role of a Pulmonologist 

The pulmonologist in Montana has a very distinct role in the care of every patient. A pulmonologist is, also, known as a pulmonary disease specialist. The pulmonologist in Montana is a knowledgeable physician with specialized skills. This professional is qualified to diagnose and treat lung conditions and diseases. This is an internal medicine subspecialty. This role is vital and it requires knowledge of internal medicine along with other specialties in order to have the required certification for this important role in your care. The pulmonologist in Montana is highly trained, credible and has experience with a large variety of clinical issues and concerns. 

Quality Services and Treatments Available 

Acupuncture is an impressive option for many people. This type of procedure uses thin needles in order to stimulate precise points on your body. The goal is to greatly improve your health. Many health issues can be treated successfully with quality services at this clinic. The following are samples of the superior services: 

  • asthma treatment 

  • occupational lung disease 

  • lung cancer 

  • cupping therapy 

  • facial rejuvenation 

  • bio-meridian 

  • weight loss 

  • nutritional counseling 

  • autoimmune disorder treatments 

Acupuncture can greatly improve many health issues by regulating the circulation, blood, nerve impulses and vital energy within your body. 


Montana Pulmonologist

When you contact the Montana Acupuncture Clinic, you can expect a free initial consultation to determine your particular needs. Your overall health condition will be assessed by a trained professional. If you have any concerns, they will be addressed and you will be listened to and heard. You will be treated with the utmost care as you place your trust in their credible hands. You can expect to receive clear communication because keeping every patient fully informed is included with high quality services. You can expect to have your insurance benefits checked by knowledgeable professionals who will be submit your claims if you have an insurance plan. Your consultation will include the following: 

  • educational material 

  • tongue evaluation 

  • pulse diagnostics 

  • a clear plan for the course of your treatment 


You can, also, expect to be treated with dignity by trained professionals who have superior skills. Acupuncture can offer many sound solutions to people with different health conditions.

More Services Offered by Montana Acupuncture

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