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Montana AcupunctureTestimonials

Trauma from a fall / update 

I have been working with Doug Womack for the last three and a half years. He has helped me with a variety of health care concerns that range from a cold sore to a deep vein blood clot in my leg. He works well with integrated medicine and immediately sent me to a clinic when he suspected a blood clot. He continued to work with me until the clot dissolved. This is a man, very professional, at the same time compassionate. Always studying to stay informed on the best way to help patients. I first came to Doug after a series of falls. The last of which rendered me nearly unable to walk. He worked with me on a course of treatment, with both him and a massage therapist he recommended. The very first treatment diminished the pain to a tolerable level; from there I just continued to recover. Today I am pain free and in better physical condition than I have been for more than 15 years.

Sharon 2015 

Chemotherapy Support

 I have just completed my nearly year-long journey overcoming breast cancer.  Early on I knew the chemotherapy and radiation would eradicate any cancer the surgery did not but I knew I had to "treat the treatments" and the multitude of miserable side effects.  I had seen Doug previously for exhaustion and knew he could help me.  After my first chemo treatment and the ensuing nausea I immediately went tto Doug and continued to see him once a weeek through chemotherapy.  The acupuncture made all the difference in the world.  I was not nauseated and was able to maintain my appetite fairly well.  I missed two weeks of acupuncture treatment and felt much worse. Upon revisiting Doug I immediately began to feel better. I am so grateful for Doug's talent, knowledge, and wisdom about the wonder of our bodies and the healing affects of acupuncture.

 Kristi Lawrence

Stroke and Recovery

My husband has been seeing Doug for stroke recovery since about 2 months after his stroke.  We have both been amazed at the progress we've seen immediately following treatments and in long term recovery.  He looks forward to his appointments saying they "make him feel better and are very relaxing."  My husband will often remark after treatment about feeling an increase in blood flow in the areas that Doug has worked on.  In addition to increased circulation, we have witnessed a decrease in edema and pain, an increase of muscle function and movement, and an increase in stamina and overall alertness.  Doug is a kind and caring individual and has a real passion for what he does.  


Judy Douglas



Just a note to let you know Scott had an excellent day in therapy.  His arm and  hand were impressing the therapists.  Tonight he is commenting on how he can feel blood rushing through his arm and his right hand is very warm, which is very different.  As Always, thank you for working your magic on him. 


Judy Douglas

Back and Leg pain

After several months of lower back pain and pain down both legs into the feet and after having tried several physiotherapists and chiropractic treatments, I was recommended to Doug Womack for acupuncture treatments. After a couple of treatments, improvement was noticeable and after a course of treatment over three weeks, the pain was only occasional depending on what I was doing. I was able to move freely and the improvement in my life style was incredible. Unfortunately I had to leave Missoula so my treatments ended and I was concerned how my back would react after a long flight. No problem; while I still get the odd twinge, especially after doing something stupid, I am almost constantly pain free which is something I have not experienced in many months Thank you Doug!



 I started seeing Doug after I had struggled with hives for several years and ill health after getting silicone breast implants removed (one had ruptured). I had been to many other health care people (acupuncturists, naturopaths, medical doctors) who could not help me and I was very frustrated with the amount of money I was spending and feeling hopeless about my health. I thankfully found Montana Acupuncture Associates where Doug treated me with acupuncture, Standard Process products, and Chinese medicine. Within a few months I no longer had hives and felt like I had my health and life back. I currently am still taking the Standard Process products and see him every few months for acupuncture. I would highly recommend him to anyone struggling and feeling like they are out of options. My health is the best it’s ever been and because of that I am back to working out and enjoying life!

Shelly Wear

Foot Pain 

Over the past 7 months I've had pain in my foot that was so severe that I often times felt like vomiting.  I had surgery on my right foot and it is obvious that it did not work.  The doctor sent me to physical therapy which seemed to help just a little but the treatments (Astym treatments) were quite painful in themselves and I still had terrific pain.  Nothing he prescribed seemed to help.  Worried that if I went to another Doctor it might mean more surgery, and after all the pain and agony from the September 9, 2010 surgery it was not an option for me.  A friend let me know that she was seeing Doug Womack; she could see my pain and said it would be worth my while to go see him for my foot.  I took her advice and to my amazement after 2 treatments the pain started to diminish.  After 6 treatments my pain is GONE.  Bless my friend Kathy and bless Doug Womack.  I was scared to go have acupuncture but believe me I won't feel that way again.  Special thanks to an expert in acupuncture!!!

With Gratitude and Appreciation -- Mary Ann Dufresne


In April 2013 I had a stroke which affected mostly my right hand and arm and to a far less degree my left knee and hip, as well as very minor facial drroping. Attendining Community Medical Center Rehab on a regular basis (3 to 5 days a week for 2 hours) gave me amazing results. I did, however, reach a plateau with my shoulder range of movement and my left thumb dexterity. Several people asked if I had tried Acupuncture, which I knew nothing about. On my first visit to Doug Womack at Montana Acupuncture I experienced very encouraging new range of motion as well as a nice state of relaxation. The treatments were virtually pain-free most of the time. I spent several months doing my rehab and acupuncture several times a week. I've seen positive results each time I visit. The office has a very warm, welcoming, relaxed atmosphere and I've loved starting my day there. Chloe, who is delightful, knowledgeable, and efficient always brightens my day. I've enjoyed learning about my treatments from Doug, who is very passionate about what he does, and always researching new avenues of healing. I've really enjoyed meeting others who have issues similar to mine and sharing our experiences. Doug does all this with a very warm, fun, sense of humor. All this has benefitted my mind as much as my body. I'm experiencing a nice sense of well-being during what has been a very trying and stressful period emotionally and physically.

Vickie Rubie 2015 

Shoulder Injury

 My name is Becky and I am a nurse in the hospital setting and have been for 20 years now. Four years ago I had left work and was driving home on the interstate when I was hit by a semi-truck at the Reserve Street exit off I-90. I was very lucky I survived and had injuries that although painful and life altering were not life threatening and so after years of therapies, steroid injections in my neck and trigger point injections, excersises, manipulations, ect... I came to the realization that I was forever going to have some pain and flare ups of pain. I wanted alternatives to surgery but when my shoulder, arm and hand started to be affected I thought my next stop was a surgeon's office. After encouragement from my significant other I decided to try Acupuncture. He had tried it in the past and found it helpful for him. I knew from my nursing career that it could be effective for some cases and I do believe it has a place in medicine/treatment but my thought process and training was in Western Medicine, so although I was willing, I did not understand Chinese medicine and Acupuncture but thought ok, here I go. Imagine my surprise when I was taken into the exam room and as I was waiting for the Acupuncturist I was just looking at his charts on the wall and there was my exact pain and what was happening with my body there on the wall chart (in Chinese of course) but as soon as he came in the room I told him I don't know what all that means but that's me right there on the wall, that's exactly what I'm feeling, so after taking my history and talking to me for a while we got started on his treatment plan and I can honestly say I was bewildered but extremely happy because after 1 treatment I could lift my arm over my head without pain. I was shocked to say the least. I still do not quite understand how it all works, I did take anatomy after all and I know my leg is not connected to my shoulder and arm but I know the nerves and the pathways they follow are all connected in some way so I can rationalize that part of it. I know that all things do not work for all people but if you are on the fence and not sure, I would strongly recommend at least trying it, you may be as surprised as I was and after four years I can say without hesitation that I feel the best that I have in four years and thank you Doug for that, I will continue to seek care with your office as needed and share my experience.


Becky 2015 

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